uucp with tcp on 386/ix vers 2.0.2

Dave Remien dave at pmafire.UUCP
Sat Oct 7 00:06:32 AEST 1989

In article <182 at inpnms.UUCP+ logan at inpnms.UUCP (James Logan) writes:
+What's wrong with the rshl(1) command?  If you are on machine "A"
+and the printer is on machine "Z", just use:  
+	rshl Z lp <filename;
Our Bell Tech UNIX, with Lachman TCP/IP uses rcmd, which we link to the
name of the remote machine (ln /usr/bin/rcmd /usr/bin/Z, for the above
example), which lets us do

 Z lp -options < filename

It's a lot easier to execute remote stuff this way.

+For a more permanant fix you can move the real lp(1) command to
+OLDlp, and put this script in its place:  
+	cat $@ | rshl Z lp;

Except this won't let you pass options to the remote printer.

+If you want to use the real lp(1), copy the existing script for a
+dumb printer in /usr/spool/lp/model, replace the "cat" with the
+rshl command I mentioned, and create a new (default) printer type
+with lpadmin(1M).  You can also change the script to pass flags
+to the remote lp(1) if you want.   

Or create a simple model on the remote machine that simply cats the file
(with serial options, if necessary) to the remote printer, and put all
the options you want in your local machines model, and have your local
machine do all the option processing. I have an example, if anyone wants

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