Backup utilities for ix-386

Dave Remien dave at pmafire.UUCP
Thu Oct 19 12:14:51 AEST 1989

In article <3741 at root at (jrh) writes:
+Using the
+-Cbufsize option can speed up the backup process considerably.  I usually 
+use something like the following:
+find / -print | cpio -oacmudC128000 > /dev/tape &
+This will use 128k byte records (approx.) and decrease overall backup time
+by half or more depending upon the amount of data.  Of course, if you run
+your backups via cron at 3AM, it won't really matter will it?  ;-)

Depends on whether your version of UNIX has the cpio bug.  Some machines
would take the above cpio command and use a 1,280,000 byte buffer.  Also,
the more your tape streams, the less start/stop/reverse/stop/start it
does, and it gets to live longer.  I've never had a motor go out, but
some vendors (HP) recommend that you keep it streaming as much as
possible.  Since the HP streamer costs over $3k, I've take their advice 8-).

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