SCO UNIX Development

Bob Palowoda palowoda at fiver.UUCP
Tue Oct 24 19:06:32 AEST 1989

  This is kind of a dumb question but what is happening with
  SCO UNIX 3.2 platform?

  Is the development system out?

  What do the owners think of the price/perfomance ratio?

  How many users are on your SCO UNIX system?

  Do they all use the X-windows that comes with it?

  Now that ATT and Sun is going to release UNIX 4.0 real soon is
  SCO going to have a 4.0 release?

  Does Codeview work with the PCC compiler?

  Is the fast file system the same as ISC's?

  A related question is how would you benchmark the two?


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