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Davig Gonzales davidg at
Fri Oct 27 11:04:27 AEST 1989



	I recently installed an older verion of UNIX System V (Bell Tech System
V Release 3.0) on my newly purchased 386 with the following result:

	1. Every once in a while the system would crash without any reason.

It seems to crash right after accessing the hard disk. Twice it has crashed 
while attempting to compile a C program (gave some error while in the assembly
phase of the compile). Am I running into a hard disk controller program? My
configuration is as follows:

	20-MHz AMI 386 (64K Cache)
	2 Mb's 32-bit RAM
	Expert Hard Disk/Floppy Controller (WA2-compatible)
	Seagate 4096 80-Mb Hard Disk
	1.2-Mb 5-1/4" Floppy
	Monochrome Monitor + card (w/parallel port)
	Serial Port Card (2 ports supported, 1 currently installed)

	Bell Tech System V Release 3.0 (1-2 user license)

Am I in need to a different controller (what type would you recommend) or do I
need to upgrade to the latest release of system v?


David A. Gonzales
davidg at uns-helios.NEVADA


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