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Thu Oct 12 22:58:03 AEST 1989

In article <1772 at> fritzz at (fritz zaucker) writes:
"My Boot-floppy doesn't boot anymore. I get the message:
"NOTICE: no space on floppy disk unit 0, partition 2
"Help needed !!!

Do the following to your boot floppy after placing it into the drive:

# just in case, save what you've got
dd if=/dev/dsk/f0q15dt of=/tmp/image
fsck /dev/dsk/f0q15d
mount /dev/dsk/f0q15d /mnt
rm /mnt/tmp/*
rm /mnt/core
umount /mnt

If the install process crashes or is broken out from, it tends to leave
a bunch of files in tmp.  There are only so many blocks available on a
floppy, so it doesn't take long to use them up.  You have made a backup
of the floppy, haven't you?  In fact, it's a good idea to make a second
backup with some useful tools such as fsdb to use as a maintenance disk.

"Thanks a lot 

You're welcome.

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