Micronics 386 motherboards

John E Van Deusen III jiii at visdc.UUCP
Tue Oct 10 05:04:04 AEST 1989

In article <22861 at cup.portal.com> cliffhanger at cup.portal.com
(Cliff C Heyer) writes:
> ... what you might want is a board that has a SCSI or ESDI 
> controller "on board" BYPASSING the AT-bus with a direct 
> channel to memory.

That is what I DO want; an on board SCSI controller and an on board
ethernet controller with at least TWO 32-bit private memory slots.
Who sells these mother boards and what do they cost?

As long as we have our soldering irons out, there isn't any need for any
AT-compatible slots, since these peripherals can be accessed by a PC-
based X terminal.  We also might as well replace the 386 cpu with a
high-mips risc processor, such as the M88000.  What we have left is
essentially a DG Maverick motherboard.  Unfortunately, the latter is
fatally flawed, because the Maverick board ALSO contains very expensive
graphics coprocessors.  I guess the hope springs eternal that the
businesses of the world can be convinced to pay to put 22 MIPS on every
desk top.  The workstation paradigm has been so successful in the past
that DG, DEC, and others are willing to blind themselves to the
economies afforded by X terminals and follow SUN into the abyss.
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