Let's play "Name that Manufacturer"...

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In article <2468 at infmx.UUCP> aland at infmx.UUCP (alan denney) writes:
>Does anybody have a canonical list of all of the AT&T 386 machines
>which includes the manufacturer of each box (Olivetti or Intel) ?

   6386 WGS (16 & 20 Mhz)                (Olivetti)
   6386E WGS (20 Mhz)                    (Olivetti)
   6386/SX WGS (386SX)                   (Intel)
   6386/25 WGS (25 Mhz)                  (Intel)
   6386E/33 WGS (33 Mhz)                 (Intel)
   6386E/33 Model S WGS (33 Mhz SCSI)    (Intel)
Hope this helps...

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