Backup utilities for ix-386

John G. De Armond jgd at rsiatl.UUCP
Sat Oct 21 01:26:54 AEST 1989

The ultimate solution to backup on an IS386 system is to trash cpio completely
and use the replacement AFIO, written by Mark Brukhartz of Lachman Associates
( ..!ihnp4!laidbak!mdb ).  This program is free and is a compatable replacement
for cpio.  It does 2 things that we're particularly interested in.  First,
it has an optional double-buffering scheme whereby it forks off a daughter.
The parent reads the input and the daughter writes the output.  I've used
it on systems with a Wantek controller/drive and a Viper.  In both cases,
the tape will stream from end to end, assuming a 25 mhz system and nothing
else running.

The second thing is that it will properly handle end-of-tape.  In interactive,
the cpio "handles" end-of-tape (apparently) by keying on the special device
name given and counting bytes.  The problem arises when you use a DC-300
tape in a DC-600 drive.  Cpio merrily runs off the end of the tape.  With
afio, you specify a media size on the command line.  I've found that
59 meg is reliable for a DC-600 tape.  The command line interpreter is
intellegent enough to accept the argument "59m" instead of having to type
out "59000000".

There are a number of other improvements over standard cpio and of course,
you get the source.  And since it is free, you can't beat the price :-)

The README file lists the address I gave above for bug-fix reports and
improvements.  I'm sure they don't want to be deluged with requests for
this program.  I got my copy from an Internet site and I know it is 
on uunet.  If you exhaust all other sources, send me mail and I'll mail
you a copy.  This is currently a manual process for me so please try
other sources first.


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