Alpha-Test SLIP for System V R3.2 STREAMS-based TCP/IP

John Ioannidis ji at
Wed Oct 18 08:10:37 AEST 1989

I wrote a SLIP driver for Interactive's 386/ix (SVR3.2) on Toshibas
T5200/100. It should run on any System V Release 3.2 machine that uses
STREAMS-based TCP/IP. The beast still needs some work, but if you want
to be an alpha-test site, you can request a copy by sending me mail to

		ji at

and I'll mail you a shar file with the driver stuff in it. 

Please remember that THIS IS *NOT* A PRODUCTION VERSION! -- it's just
alpha-test, for people who are willing to put up with some flakiness,
report bugs and problems, and even fix bugs and add features if they
feel like it. You don't have to report anything, of course, but I
would appreciate it if you did. 

Depending on the kind of feedback I get, there should be a beta-test 
version out by the middle of next week, probably by anonymous-ftp
(instead of mail) this time. 


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