X5 Update - Serial Bugs

HIM tron1 at tronsbox.UUCP
Tue Oct 10 13:31:51 AEST 1989

Well, I am about ready to give up on ISC 2.0.2 . 

If there is anyone who has managed to get a GOOD asy device running from any
source, I could really use the help.

Our saga so far.

1) The origional ISC 2.0.x driver.....
    Well. It doesnt REALLY work well. Many mysterious happenings. 
    Problems with port sharing. Character loss problems.

2) MAXPEED SS8 Inteligent I/O card...
    The hardware is good, but the driver is not so useful. It works GREAT
    for terminals. But can't control a modem for its life really. 

    Bugs characterized by :

         I. Hung uucico's
        II. The persistant belief that the port is "Device Busy" when it is
            not opened in any way . Turning the modem off/on will fix.
       III. The port will OFTEN refuse to send data OUT (sd).
            This is most harmefull when you are logged in directly
            incomming data is correctly acted upon, but character echo is 
            lost.  I HAVE SEEN this from the host end while on the phone
            voice with the person logged in. The (sd) light is NOT going on.

            If the user does a "ls -ls" , the hard drive runs, the command 
            executes, but the result is not transmitted. This bug can be
            cleared in two ways. One is , as root , do a "> /dev/ttyax" where
            the device name is the stuck one. Two, wait about 3 minutes and
            the data will be transmitted.

    This is too bad. It is a nice board, but almost useless due to these

3) The Interactive Systems X5 "Asy Update".
      I'll spare you the pain. It hasn't worked so far. It installs, but wont
   perform right . Getty's hang and won't "kill -9". Ports will drop
   characters at will.


  So Lord, I'd think you more than wise, (and me much less a jerk) 
  if only once you might supply.....
                        SOME PENGUIN WINGS THAT WORK!"  Opus


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