SCSI and tapes *do* work.

Paul Guthrie pdg at
Mon Oct 2 16:27:23 AEST 1989

Well, SCSI tapes (at least Archive viper drives) and the Adaptec 1542
controllers do work.  My problem was simply that the one page fax
of jumpers for my HP SCSI drive was totally wrong.  I should
have guessed at this when I noticed the number of jumpers
was different on the drive than the document :-).  Anyhow,
I had both the 1542 and the HP disk drive on SCSI ID 7.  This 
(surprisingly) caused no trouble for the disk, but screwed up
other things on the bus.   After Fixing  this, the dtape comes up and
runs well.  Also, make sure when buying the Archive tape drive
that your firmware revision in 4 or more (the current is 5).
Archive will stiff you $50 for an upgrade.  

Paul Guthrie

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