serial ports under 2.0.x

T.Casey at ucl-cs.UUCP T.Casey at ucl-cs.UUCP
Sun Oct 15 03:24:47 AEST 1989

From: T.Casey at

Yes, I had a similar problem trying to drive a sony  LVR-6000 through
the comm port. I tried to change tty00 at boot time to 9600 baud and got
the same error message.

Finally I took the easy way out and opened tty00, set arg.c_cflag to B9600
and used the ioctl system call with TCSETA. It works fine as long as the file
is open, but of course reverts back to 300 baud on exit, which for my purposes
is okay . 

But, I would like a cleaner solution and also be able to set parameters 
for the c_cflag, c_oflag, & c_lflag for comms ports at boottime.

Can anyone point me to information about this. The manuals are not clear on
how this can be done.

Thanks in advance.


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