Miniscribe 3085 and X/Unix

Toby A David hadji at dasys1.UUCP
Tue Oct 10 21:36:19 AEST 1989

Hi.. I hope I am not becoming a pain with my various questions.. Since I
asked for opinions on my 2.2.3 install problems, I have also decided to
upgrade to a 20mhz 386 clone. Since I'd like to interchange hardware between the
286 and 386, I decided to go for a 3085 71 meg Miniscribe with a WD1006. 
Does anybody know of any existing problems with 286 or 386 Xenix/Unix and the
>1024 Cyl of the 3085, previous postings on the subject seemed to be concerned
with ESDI and not MFM.
Having been bitten recently I would very much appreciate any reports on the
subject.  Thanks in advance..
Toby A David
Big Electric Cat Public UNIX

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