Anyone get GNU G++ 1.36.0 up on 386/ix v2.0.2???

Steve Hite steve at hite386.UUCP
Sat Oct 28 11:52:19 AEST 1989

   Has anyone gotten G++ 1.36.0 up and running on Interactive v2.0.2?
I see postings around for patches to 1.35.1 for 386's but not for 1.36.0
yet.  GCC came up and has been working just fine, using the system's default
libraries (that is, I'm not using COFF_ENCAPSULATION).

   I can get cc1plus to compile but it dies on the link with the unresolved
                 undefined           first referenced
                  symbol                 in file
                 start                   unex-addr.o 
                 data_start              unex-addr.o
                 getpagesize             unexec.o

I made sure crt0+.o and crt1+.o were put in /usr/local/lib.  I noticed that
the getpagesize is only defined for the HP's.   

   I would greatly appreciate any reponse by postings or e-mail.   
Steve Hite

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