uucp with tcp on 386/ix vers 2.0.2

Peter Brouwer pb at idca.tds.PHILIPS.nl
Mon Oct 9 21:19:11 AEST 1989

In article <182 at inpnms.UUCP> logan at inpnms.UUCP (James Logan) writes:
>In article <255 at cipher.UUCP> russ at cipher.UUCP (Russ Harvey) writes:
># Hi, we have 5 ISC 386/ix version 2.0.2 machines
># connected via ethernet (WD8003E, ISC's TCP/IP),
># and want to do something natural like have
># the ability to print files on all machines,
># even though there is only one printer (HP LaserJet II).
>If you want to use the real lp(1), copy the existing script for a
>dumb printer in /usr/spool/lp/model, replace the "cat" with the
>rshl command I mentioned, and create a new (default) printer type
>with lpadmin(1M).  You can also change the script to pass flags
>to the remote lp(1) if you want.   

We made a new script for remote printers. In this script you can route
each different class of printer to different remote machines. uux is used
to execute the remote print job.
Make a new device with lpadmin of the type of remote printer , writing to
Assign for each class [ if used ] the class to the remote printer ( script ).
This gives no security problems. The only thing to do is specify lp as
allowed job in the Permissions file of the remote machine.
that writes to /dev/null and 
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