System V/386 and NFS

Brent A. Leever bal at gvgspd.GVG.TEK.COM
Sat Oct 28 03:06:28 AEST 1989

In article <14300 at well.UUCP> sjm at well.UUCP (Stephen Moehle) writes:
>Does anyone use the Sun product PC-NFS for MSDOS machines with a System
>V/386 UNIX machine as the server?  If so, whose UNIX?  Whose NFS?  The

I'm interested in doing the same thing.  Could I effectively use my Everex 
20 MHZ 386 4M, 68K Cache, running some flavor of UNIX w/ NFS, as a 
server for a small (3-5) network of client DOS machines running PC-NFS  ?  
I have a WD8003 Ethernet Controller.  The goal is similar to Stephen's.
We would keep source and ancillary files for our development effort on the 
UNIX server.  Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Stephen, maybe you could post a summary ?  If I receive info., I'll 
post as well.
Brent Leever <bal at gvgspd.GVG.TEK.COM> -or- <...!tektronix!gvgpsa!gvgspd!bal>

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