ISC tbl patch disk (was: Text Processing Workbench question)

Eric Schnoebelen schnoebe at convex.COM
Wed Oct 18 10:13:35 AEST 1989

In article <113 at dumbcat.UUCP> marc at dumbcat.UUCP (Marco S Hyman) writes:
-Before worying about trivial little things like output formats ask if the
-DWB works at all.  The very first thing I tried envolved tbl.  The output
-	usage: /usr/bin/tbl [-T X] [--] [file] ... [-]
-No matter what the command line that's all the output you'll get.  A call to
-ISC confirmed that tbl was broken.  And no, there is no fix.  And yes, it
-will be fixed the next release.  Maybe some time this year.

	I was told just the other afternoon ( when calling in for the
X5 fixes ) that there existed a fix disk for tbl.  The fix disk number
is X1 ( sounds like the first fix disk issued. )

	My understanding is that there are currently 5 fix disks, X1 -
tbl, one for floating point, one for some oddball computer, X5 - async,
and one that I can't remember currently, but I seem to remember as
being for X11R3.

	This information comes from ISC California.  I also got their
usenet support address out them.  Since I have never seen it posted,
and I find such addresses rather useful ( always liked that Microport
had one! ) here it is:  386ixsup at or
uunet!ism780c!386ixsup ( my notes say ism780c, but I would have sworn
that she said isc780c ).  I haven't tried it yet, but I am sure I will
get the chance in the near future...

	I hope this is useful to someone,

	Later all,

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