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>>1) By default, the 2372 does zero retries to get data from a
>>device.  The WD controller does 8 retries no matter what.  The 2372 does
>>not do retries unless the system it is running in requests them.  This alone
>>will account for the difference in errors.
>Unless retries are disabled.  Which our bench software does.  And it does
>not use the BIOS (we have that turned OFF in both boards in production
>systems, remember, this in a Unix (actually Xenix) machine!)

You don't understand.  You cannot disable the WD retries as it is built
into the firmware, not the BIOS.  No amount of external software will
get around this code.

>>2) The data separator has nothing to do with errors that are witnessed at the
>>BIOS level.  Errors at the BIOS level are usually due to ECC failure after
>>all retries have been exhausted.  If the system does not setup retries, as
>>per the AT specs, then an immediate failure will be reported by the 2372
>>after only one ECC pass on the defective data.
>See above.  The BIOS is not used in a protected mode operating system after
>the boot sequence completes.  In our case we have it jumpered out anyway.

Again, there is firmware on both controllers that you cannot disable and
are at the mercy of.


Again Karl, I don't think this is the type of bantering that should be
placed on the net.  I will again ask you to E-mail me if you want to
carry this further.

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