1540 and sync. SCSI drives

John Richardson jr at frog.UUCP
Thu Oct 5 13:12:00 AEST 1989

In article <307 at dksoft.incom.de>, dirk at dksoft.incom.de (Dirk Koeppen) writes:
> Does it work to connect a synchronous (4 MB/sec) disk drive and
> an asynchronous (1.5 MB/sec) streamer onto the same SCSI bus on
> the 386/ix Adaptec 1540 controller ? Does the driver switch the
> disk drive into sync. mode or does it use both devices at async
> mode ?
> thanx,
> dirk at incom.de

  If you have enabled the board to allow sync. to work in the initial
setup commands, then it will do sync if the target allows it. During each
selection to a target, a bit is passed that says wether the target supports
sync mode, and the controller uses it.


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