PC-Interface, have you used it?

Bruce A. McIntyre bruce at mdi386.UUCP
Fri Oct 20 21:53:25 AEST 1989

In article <LARRY.89Oct17173045 at focsys.UUCP>, larry at focsys.UUCP (Larry Williamson) writes:
> Interactive markets a product called PC-Interface. It works in
> conjuction with a ms-dos package called DOS Bridge. This package
> "provides a transparent integration of the DOS and Unix systems".
> I believe these are products of Locus.
> It is supposed to work with either an ethernet or a serial link to
> between the machines.
> Has anyone used this package?
> The Unix driver comes standard with 386/ix (2.0.2). The documentation
> that came with the system is a little unclear in places and leaves me
> with more questions than answers. 
> It sounds like it provides all the features of NFS and rlogin rolled
> into one package. Is this true?

I have used PC-Interface with UNIX, NCR Tower, Unisys, and Arix machines.
It does provide logical disks on the unix host for the PC machine, and
can even re-direct printer output, but dos not provide any other access
for the PC to the UNIX host.  However, the unix machine can put files in,
or read files from the "logical drive" of the PC, which is nothing more
than a login directory for the PC.  IBM resells a version of this for AIX
called DOS SERVICES or something like that.  XENIX-NET from SCO provides
similar services as well, and I have used that for XENIX.  Both of these
also provide somewhat brain damaged terminal emulators, but in fact,
PC-FACET supports PC-INTERFACE to allow full windowed terminal emulation

Both are valuable products, and do what they claim quite well,  however,
neither provides what you would expect from a full version of NFS.

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