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In article <1989Oct15.203140.1939 at> bill at (T. William Wells) writes:
>Such ignorance!
>If you knew beans about economics, you'd know that *trade*,
>including, among other things, buying by mail order, is essential to
>a healthy economy. Small economies that don't trade, or that restrict
>trade, are self destructive, causing their members a lower standard of
>living and denying them the best of what is available.
>Buying from somewhere solely because it is "local" is just another
>variety of chauvinism.
>And stupid, as well.

I always enjoy the kind words from from the so-called learned on the net.

Granted that any trade stimulates economy.  The question simply becomes one
of *WHICH* economy you wish to stimulate.  All the arguments that are used
regarding the purchase of foreign cars, etc. also apply to within the country.

I, for one, do not buy locally just for the heck of it.  But, when there is an
honest choice, I tend to buy from businesses within my own community or State
chauvinism, rather it is common sense.

Speaking of things "common", I wonder also if common decency might suggest
that a posting on the net which includes words such as "ignorance", 
"stupidity" aimed at others is in extremely poor taste.

Where to buy product, is not any easy decision.  For some who are not near
larger metro areas, mail order may indeed be the the best solution.  It is
*NOT* always best when based on price alone.  You may find that price is a
somewhat negotiable item....provided one shops around.

Meanwhile, I believe that I shall continue to put dollars back into the economy
nearest where I took them out.


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