Cache performance on 386 boards running Unix

David C. Rein dave at mobile.UUCP
Sat Oct 28 01:16:31 AEST 1989

In article <919 at umigw.MIAMI.EDU>, angel at umigw.MIAMI.EDU (angel li) writes:
> Does anyone know the performance difference of 386 boards with a cache
> against boards without a cache, both running Unix?  I would like to
> [stuff deleted]
> Angel Li

Well, I have no performance specs on hand, but having the 386 get its
stuff from 35 ns static RAM instead of 60-80 ns dynamic RAM tells you 
something right there.  Also, on the IBM PS/2 Model 70 25Mhz machines, 
they found it important enough to give the top 128k to BIOS, so that 
it could be cached, instead of accessing ROM.

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