Emacs command line editing

Rock Kent rock at rancho.uucp
Sat Oct 14 12:23:46 AEST 1989

In article <1989Oct12.211230.3356 at mccc.uucp> root at mccc.uucp (Pete Holsberg) 
>   I set EDITOR, VISUAL, and FCEDIT to "emacs" but I still can't do
>   emacs-style command line editing with the KSH that came with the
>   Development System with Microport 3.0e.  Is this a known bug or
>   have I just missed setting something?

The original version of ksh I received with my Microport 3.0e system
did not support emacs-style editing.  I believe that it has to be
enabled in the source at compilation time.  The replacement ksh
executable I obtained from the Microport BBS disks does support
emacs-style command line editing.  I've been using it since June with
no problems.

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