Backup utilities for ix-386

Michael Umansky misha at aeras.UUCP
Tue Oct 24 05:35:17 AEST 1989

-In article <329 at rsiatl.UUCP> jgd at rsiatl.UUCP (John G. De Armond) writes:
-The second thing is that it will properly handle end-of-tape.  In interactive,
-the cpio "handles" end-of-tape (apparently) by keying on the special device
-name given and counting bytes.  The problem arises when you use a DC-300
-tape in a DC-600 drive.  Cpio merrily runs off the end of the tape.  With

Where in a world did you get the above idea?
If the tape driver is intelligent enough to parse the status from the
tape controller, it will report EOM as soon as the drive sees it.
Any normal cpio will be able to handle the EOM, especially the Sys V.3.2
version of the cpio command.
Once a cartridge tape drive sees the physical EOM marker/holes on the
tape it will not allow any requests except REWIND or WRITE_FILE_MARK.
The only way you will run it off the end of the catridge spool is by
issuing continuous WFM commands to a non-rewind device.  Only the
cartridge drive knows the difference between DC300 and DC600 type
cartridges and only for setting correct write current.
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