recommendations on 386 motherboards and suppliers

Larry Snyder akcs.larry at nstar.UUCP
Mon Oct 23 21:31:48 AEST 1989

>i think i might try to put together a couple of 386 systems
>for my friends and was wondering if there are any recommendations
>i can get from the net on brands & suppliers of 386 motherboards
>and cases/power supplies.  i saw some recent articles on the mylex

If you friends are techies - they can buy the systems in pieces and
put everything together into a system they design from the bottom
up.  I am using an AMI 25 mhz '386 motherboard with 72 DRAM sockets
for either 256K or 1MEG chips of 80s chips so I can have 1, 2, 4 or
8 megs on the motherboard.  This board runs dandy with SCO Xenix,
ISC Unix and QNX.  The Bios is AMI and there is no caching.  The board
is going for around $750 in PC Week.

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