ESIX and Perstor/ADRT

Dave Burton daveb at
Fri Oct 20 13:56:02 AEST 1989

Can ESIX (Release B) drive a Perstor ADRT fd/hd controller?
My docs say ST506, ESDI and SCSI, but not ADRT or RLL -
although I seem to recall a posting that ESIX does RLL.

So what is ADRT?
I'm familiar with FM, MFM and x,yRLL encoding, but not
ARLL or ADRT. I understand that RLL is `harder' on a
drive than MFM, so is ADRT even worse?

I have a Miniscribe 6085 and a Seagate ST251, but neither are
RLL `certified'. Will I have hardware problems if I switch
to the Perstor controller?

(I'm still interested in an answer to the second question
even if the answer to the first is no.)

-- Dave Burton (ism780c!laidbak!daveb)
Dave Burton

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