Text Processing Workbench question

Ken Keirnan kjk at PacBell.COM
Mon Oct 16 08:37:10 AEST 1989

In article <113 at dumbcat.UUCP> marc at dumbcat.UUCP (Marco S Hyman) writes:
[ stuff about DWB and PostScript deleted ]
>Before worying about trivial little things like output formats ask if the
>DWB works at all.  The very first thing I tried envolved tbl.  The output
>	usage: /usr/bin/tbl [-T X] [--] [file] ... [-]
>No matter what the command line that's all the output you'll get.  A call to
>ISC confirmed that tbl was broken...

What is specially sad about the problem with "tbl" is that it is so easy to
fix.  The source for "tbl" supplied by AT&T has a minor bug in the main()
routine where an error flag is never initialized to zero (0).  On some systems
it works fine, on others (obviously, ISC) the program always error exits
with a nonexistant syntax error.  Come on ISC, "tbl" is major component of
DWB!  Even if it has a few bugs processing tables it should at least run.

Anyone know of a company offering a debugged version of the standard AT&T
DWB product (I mean inexpensive - just DWB - not Elan, SoftQuad or one of the
other expensive blends).

Ken Keirnan


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