FAX cards for ISC 386/ix

mark hilliard mark at gizzmo.UUCP
Thu Oct 5 07:05:17 AEST 1989

In article <964 at dialogic.UUCP> drich at dialogic.UUCP (Dan Rich) writes:
>Has anyone tried to use a FAX board under ISC 386/ix? 

I have used JETFAX from PC Research, Inc., 201-389-8963 for several
weeks now.  The package uses Quadram jt9600 board (Hayes now).  It 
is a VERY nice system.  Yes there have been several bugs in it
( I was shipped the 2nd copy ever shipped), but they were taken
care of by the company very fast.  I highly reccomend the package.
I have it running under Interactive's 2.02 with an external modem
sharing the same phone line.

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