3rd party tape drive for 6386 WGS?

~XT6561110~Frank McGee~C23~L25~6326~ fmcgee at cuuxb.ATT.COM
Wed Oct 4 11:20:01 AEST 1989

In article <460 at amanue.UUCP> jr at amanue.UUCP (Jim Rosenberg) writes:
>I need a tape drive to go in each of several AT&T 6386 WGS (20 MHz) machines.
>We bought an Archive & it simply WOULD NOT WORK.  Any attempt to cause tape
Bell Technologies sells a 60 MB drive/controller combination
that we've had here for over a year with no problems.  I've
used it under both Unix and DOS, no complaints.

Frank McGee, AT&T
Tier 3 Indirect Channel Sales Support

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