Is the Wyse-150 a good performer under Xenix?

Fred Rump from home fr at icdi10.UUCP
Sun Oct 29 03:29:46 AEST 1989

In article <39400 at conexch.UUCP> root at conexch.UUCP (Larry Dighera) writes:
>Is there anyone who has first hand experience with the Wyse-150 terminal?
[deleted stuff]
>capability seems critical for use on UNIX systems.  The cost of the Wyse-150
>is significantly less than the Wyse-60.  That usually means less
>functionality.  How useful will it's PC compatibility be under Xenix?

We've used the 150 in all flavors of colors since they came out. Our favorite 
terminal had been the wy60. The lower price question had us a bit sceptical 
too, but they work fine under wy60 termcaps and all is well.

A very nice feature we've gotten used to is running local printers off the 
parallel port in the back in transparent mode using Corollaries. Nice!
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