X11 ISC ORCHID VGA and BOOT floppy

Dwight Kelly dkelly at npiatl.UUCP
Sat Oct 14 05:34:00 AEST 1989

In article <1772 at lamont.ldgo.columbia.edu> fritzz at lamont.ldgo.columbia.edu (fritz zaucker) writes:
>has somebody X11 under 386/ix ver.2.02 and a Orchid Prodesigner
>VGA card running in 1024x768 mode (Nec 3D Multisync)? It looks
>terrible here. I also don't succeed in running it in 800x600 mode,
>simply nothing appears after xinit. It runs fine in VGA (640x350)

I am running X on a Orchid Prodesigner and Orchid 800 w/512k in 800x600x16 color mode.
At 1024x768x16 the color map is really messed up and needs to be manually set. 
Interactive's code for that mode is REALLY slow, especially with a background pixmap
like xphoon.

Dwight Kelly
Director R&D
Network Publicaitons, Inc.

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