3rd party tape drive for 6386 WGS?

Jim Rosenberg jr at amanue.UUCP
Mon Oct 2 15:20:51 AEST 1989

I need a tape drive to go in each of several AT&T 6386 WGS (20 MHz) machines.
We bought an Archive & it simply WOULD NOT WORK.  Any attempt to cause tape
motion made the tape drive light come on and then it just hung.  I couldn't
retension, rewind, anything.  Called Archive and they said yes indeed, the
6386 *was* on their list, it was tested and known to be *incompatible* with
the Archive FasTape.

Has anyone gotten any 3rd party drive to work?  Everex?  AT&T announced a new
tape drive for the Intel based machines.  Anyone know if the new tape will
work in the Olivetti machines??  It *sure is cheaper* than the ridiculous
amount they wanted for the original "regulation" 6386 tape drive.

Incidentally the cable that came with the Archive between the drive &
controller was pretty fubar'ed up!  It had one of the 50 pins blocked at the
end with all the pins, and at the edge-card end it had two of the little slit
blockers inserted instead of one.  Don't these guys know how to make up a
cable for their own product?
 Jim Rosenberg
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