System V/386 and NFS

Stephen Moehle sjm at well.UUCP
Fri Oct 27 14:19:11 AEST 1989

Does anyone use the Sun product PC-NFS for MSDOS machines with a System
V/386 UNIX machine as the server?  If so, whose UNIX?  Whose NFS?  The
UNIX vendor's or a third party's?  I remember using once an MSDOS NFS
product that allowed me to run UNIX commands from the MSDOS prompt.  Is
this part of PC-NFS, some other product, or am I just dreaming?  What
I need is to be able to have MSDOS users use SCCS on the UNIX machine
to get and put source code to and from the archives on the UNIX machine
onto their PCs.  If any has done something like this, I would be most
interested in hearing how.  Thanks.

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