screen saver for Interactive

Doug McNeil mcneild at mcneild.misemi
Wed Oct 18 00:01:52 AEST 1989

A while back I posted a problem I was having with X11 from Interactive. I
was unable to get things to work properly on an ATI VGA board. Well I solved
the problem by using a Paradise board.

I now have another question to ask. The X11 VGA driver has a _screen_saver_
mode which turns off the display after an extended period of inactivity. I've
kinda been keeping my ear to the ground for such a utility running under plain
old Interactive...with no success (maybe I haven't tried that hard). It would
be nice to have such _screen_saver_ software for our systems which aren't
running X11. Is there anything out there that will do the trick without
requiring too much hacking?


Doug McNeil			uunet!mitel!spock!mcneild

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