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Tue Oct 17 04:08:28 AEST 1989

In article <113 at dumbcat.UUCP> marc at dumbcat.UUCP (Marco S Hyman) writes:
<<In article <100 at vidiot.UUCP> brown at vidiot.UUCP (Vidiot) writes:
<<I have a question for you guys and gals.  Does the ISC 386/ix version of the
<<DWB2.0 provide PostScript output for the LaserWriter printers, using the
<<Adobe fonts?  Or does one have to use the Adobe Transcript package?
<Before worying about trivial little things like output formats ask if the
<DWB works at all.  The very first thing I tried envolved tbl.  The output
<	usage: /usr/bin/tbl [-T X] [--] [file] ... [-]
<No matter what the command line that's all the output you'll get.  A call to
<ISC confirmed that tbl was broken.  And no, there is no fix.  And yes, it
<will be fixed the next release.  Maybe some time this year.

You've got to be kidding.  How can anyone ship a program that is that broken?
Never mind.  I should know better than to ask a question like that.  Is the tbl
still broke if the tbl program is part of a pipe?  Something like:
	soelim file | eqn | tbl | troff

<According to the man page the supported output devices are aps (Autologic
<APS-5) and i10 (Imagen Imprint 10).

Sounds like typical DWB2.0 configuration, which means that the Adobe, or
someone's, package is needed to get the output to a LaserWriter.
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