NFS on 386 UNIX Machines

Steve Dyer dyer at spdcc.COM
Fri Oct 27 02:14:27 AEST 1989

In article <1989Oct26.130717.5942 at> johnl at (John R. Levine) writes:
>-- 386/ix doesn't understand BSD filesystems.  In particular, filenames with
>more than 14 characters and symbolic links don't work.

I was quite surprised a few months ago when I was working on an RT running
AIX 2.2.1, that while it didn't support filenames with >14 characters on its
local filesystem, it treated long filenames found on NFS mounted BSD
filesystems with complete equanimity, as did the application programs
(such as ls, make, etc.) which had to use them as well.  I guess it's
a sign that it *can* be done.  Not a bad hint for ISC.

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