386/ix asy driver

Vernon Schryver vjs at calcite.UUCP
Sun Oct 8 02:21:06 AEST 1989

The "Update X5" for the 2.0.2 asy driver resolves all of my complaints with
the 2.0.2 driver.  It seems to be a good piece of work.  Of course, it is
not completely perfect (nothing, esp. my own work, ever is):
-it is not evident how to tell it to do RTS/CTS.  The rest of 2.0.2 at 20MHz
    seems fast enough to not need it for 1-2 ports at 19.2, but it would be
-sometimes, opening a port connnected to a TB+ with NDELAY generates what
    seems to be a spurious SIGHUP or -1 on the 1st read(2) ("line lost" from
    cu & uucico).  Adding \M and \m to Dialers fixes the symptom.
-perverse games with crazy terminals (e.g. echo loops) can make an asy port
    and all active vt ports dead.  Halting the craziness makes the vt's come
    back, altho the shells have been killed.  (too many clists gobbled by
    the asy driver?)

Vernon Schryver
vjs at calcite.uucp

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