inittab action entries under ISC 386/ix

Kurt Gollhardt kdg at nirvo.uucp
Thu Oct 12 14:34:28 AEST 1989

>In article <965 at dialogic.UUCP> alan at dialogic.UUCP (Alan Murphy) writes:
>> I am developing device drivers under ISC 386/ix 3.2 and I
>>need to be able to create an inittab entry at build time. ...
>>(basically the operation involves downloading code to a controller at
>>power up time). ...

You *can* create rc2.d entries, as suggested by others, but if you *do*
want an inittab entry instead, the way to do it is to create a file
named /etc/init.d/foo, where foo is the name of your driver module.  The
system constructs /etc/inittab by concatenating /etc/conf/cf.d/init.base
with /etc/init.d/*.

Actually, you're probably building this as an installable package (with
Driver.o, Sdevice, etc. files for your driver).  In this case, you would
just make a file named "Init" at the top level of your tree, and this
will be installed as /etc/conf/init.d/foo.

Note: the lines in /etc/conf/init.d/foo have a slightly different format
than /etc/inittab.  Whereas inittab is:


/etc/conf/init.d/foo is:




The 'id' is automatically generated, and the default rstate is '2'.

Also, if you want an rc script instead of an inittab line, the "correct"
way to do this is by putting in a file named "Rc", which gets installed
as /etc/idrc.d/foo, and is automatically invoked upon entering init level 2.
(Note: when creating this module, the file permissions must allow execution
by root.)  The counterpart to this for system shutdown is the "Shutdown"
file - installed automatically as /etc/idsd.d/foo.

[This information is detailed in the UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2
Integrated Software Development Guide and its ISC equivalent.]

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