Backup utilities for ix-386

Keith Ericson keithe at tekgvs.LABS.TEK.COM
Thu Oct 19 06:53:01 AEST 1989

In article <107 at gizzmo.UUCP> mark at gizzmo.UUCP (mark hilliard) writes:
>I personally like to use find piped to cpio and out to tape like:
>find /partition -print | cpio -ocduBvm > /dev/tape&

A couple of minor improvements (OK - you be the judge :-))

	find /partition -print | cpio -ocduBvm > /dev/tape&
                                         ^^  ^

First of all, the -o option doesn't accept the indicated flags.  (Big
deal - cpio would've told you the same thing...)

Second, avoid the "reached end of medium on output...." message (and
careful typing required to specify the subsequent output location)
by using the -O flag:

	find /partition -print | cpio -ocBv -O /dev/tape &

(The -I flag is used for cpio -i...)

Finally, speed things up a bit with an output buffer:

	find /partition -print | cpio -ocBv -C 1024000 -O /dev/tape &

this requires that "tape" be (linked to) the character-special device
(i.e., /dev/rmt/c0s0).


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