Anyone get GNU G++ 1.36.0 up on 386/ix v2.0.2???

Jack F. Vogel jackv at turnkey.gryphon.COM
Tue Oct 31 02:03:36 AEST 1989

In article <4 at hite386.UUCP> steve at hite386.UUCP (Steve Hite) writes:
>   Has anyone gotten G++ 1.36.0 up and running on Interactive v2.0.2?
>I see postings around for patches to 1.35.1 for 386's but not for 1.36.0
>yet.  GCC came up and has been working just fine, using the system's default
>libraries (that is, I'm not using COFF_ENCAPSULATION).
 Steve, where did you get 1.36?? I ftp'ed gcc 1.36 from this
weekend and I only saw g++ 1.35.1 there.
 What I would recommend doing is taking the 1.35.1 coff patches and very
carefully manually applying the needed changes. From the sound of your
linkage errors I would say that you have not made the necessary changes to
the crt0.c code (which when built becomes crt1+.o).
 Just for everybody's information, I have finally gotton g++ 1.35.0 to work
under 2.0.2. Previously I could build the compiler, pass, library, but when
I would execute the linked program I would get no output. It turns out there
is also a sysv patch to libg++, once I applied that and rebuilt the library
it all works fine. Both patches are available on or, make sure you get them!!

Let us know of your sucess.

On a completely seperate matter, has anyone out there done or seen the
necessary low-level code for 386/ix to get oops v2r2 to work?? I would
like to avoid doing the work myself if it has already been done.

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