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Fri Oct 27 08:06:00 AEST 1989

>We are using two 386 mashines under Interactive Unix Version 2.0.2.
>Is it possible to use NFS not via ETHERNET but via the Adaptec - SCSI
>Host-Adapter ?

It is possible for this to work, although I don't know how feasible it is.
The 1540A/1542A host adapters can be targets as well as initiators, but there
is a limitation in the current SCSI protocol chip (AIC-6250) that only
allows the host adapter to do one or the other one at a time.  In other
words if the board is selected by another initiator, no other commands
for targets can be processed by the board.  In the next rev of the board
(I suspect 1540B), this will be cured and the adapter can go in any
direction without any restrictions.
I would think that a better solution would be to use, the Nodem for the
ethernet link.  (Nodem is a SCSI to Ethernet box).  Although no UNIX
drivers exist for this today.  With the relatively low data rate of the
ethernet link, the host adapter could blaze along and without degrading the
CPU in the process.  Someday......

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			Adaptec Central Field Applications Engineer
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