Call for information on PC-NFS

Chris Rende car at trux.UUCP
Fri Oct 6 07:30:37 AEST 1989

[ As mentioned in a previous posting: ]

We will be implementing a fairly large, multi-server/multi-site network.

Systems to be networked include PC's (>100) and several unix systems (~6).
The PC's need access to file servers, 3270 gateways, and direct access
to other unix systems on the network.

[ Many replies to the above posting recommended PC-NFS as a possible solution. ]

In general, what services does PC-NFS provide for the PC user?
(I.e., file sharing, printer services, EMail, modems, rlogin, gateways,...)

Can the PC component of PC-NFS run on XT's?

How much memory does the PC component of PC-NFS use?

How does the performance of PC-NFS compare with other PC servers?

How does PC-NFS interact with the host Unix machine?

We would like to build a file structure that could span multiple Unix
hosts which are NFS'ed together. Can a PC get access to all the NFS'ed
filesystems on the various hosts through the single PC-NFS host?

   Here's a picture:

         | Unix host |
         | running   |  <<<-----<-------<------<-------<-------<-----+
         | NFS       |                                               |
         +===========+                                               |
               |         (Ethernet Lan B)                            ^
         +===========+                                               |
         | Unix host |                                               |
         | running   |                                               ^
         | NFS+PC-NFS|                                               |
         +===========+                                               |
               |         (Ethernet Lan A)                            ^
         +===========+                                               |
         | PC        |   <<<--- Can this PC access files from here --+
         | running   |
         | PC-NFS    |

Please reply via E-Mail and I will post a summary.

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