Looking for a Big Screen

ilan343 at violet.berkeley.edu ilan343 at violet.berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 11 01:29:21 AEST 1989

In article <[2531383c:4.1]comp.unix.i386;1 at nstar.UUCP> akcs.larry at nstar.UUCP writes:
>>I'd like to find an inexpensive usable X-windows display for my AT/386.
>Would you happen to know how xwindows works with EGA?

I had a chance of playing with an AT&T 386 running UNIX 3.2 with AT&T's
version of X11, and something called attwin, their window manager.
This system had an EGA display. It works. At least with the local
servers included with the system.  You can open a few xterm windows
without killing the machine (4MB 20MHz) Of course you cannot pretend
your are in front of the real thing, there aren't enough pixels.

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