Thomas Humburg thumburg at uniol.UUCP
Tue Oct 10 23:22:51 AEST 1989

Hello people and unix wizards,

I have some problems with the following Configuration:

- Interactive Unix Version 2.0.2 (2 User)
- Adaptec 1542 ah SCSI Host-Adapter
- 5.25 Inch Magneto-Optical-Disk-Drive RO-5030E (maybe a Sony Drive
  but I dont know.)

Everytime I create a file-system on this Disk my Kernel panics. But
not at once . The Disk works for a while and suddenly there it is
my little Kernel-Panic.

Someone out there who had the same problems and can help me ?

Please respond by email



158625 at DOLUNI1.bitnet

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