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Thu Oct 26 10:19:04 AEST 1989

Yes I have seen MOTIF running on a 386/ix based UNIX, and it is available.  I
am reading news right now under X11R3 with Motif as the windowm manager, and
xrn to read the news.  Not to be a commercial, but Dell now ships Motif with
X-Windows, in the UNIX package.  Dell UNIX is ISC 386/ix based, with a large
number of bug fixes and enhancements over ISC, including MOTIF.  

I prefer MOTIF to PM, and I use both daily at work.  The windows themselves are
much more attractive and the shadowing effect on the borders is very well done.
It is also easier to use, and because it is running under UNIX instead of OS/2,
considerably more powerful in what you can do.

James R. Howard
Dell Computer Corporation  P#: (512) 343-3480
9505 Arboretum Blvd.	   !s:!dell!mustang!jrh	
Austin, Texas 78759

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