386/ix hangs when 2nd ESDI drive attached

John L. Grzesiak jlg at odicon.UUCP
Wed Oct 25 01:00:44 AEST 1989

In article <1470 at redsox.bsw.com>, campbell at redsox.bsw.com (Larry Campbell) writes:
> I'm trying to add a 2nd ESDI drive to my Dell 310 running 386/ix (2.0.2).
> My controller (unfortunately, it seems) is a WD1007A.  I don't have the
> -- 
Not so on the 34 spt only. What you should do is add jumper W8 to the 1007a.
 This will put the controller into a WD1005 compatible mode. (Except , contrary
 to what most WD people will tell you, it WILL handle a 1:1 interleave). The
 WD1005 compat mode handles 36spt just fine and will increase track buffering
 performance as well as slightly increase your drive space. Three hints :

	1) Don't use the Interactive formatter as this is just for ST506 drives
	2) Get the WD formatter to show the correct spt.
	3) Don't answer yes to the alternate sectors question.

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