x5 update to asy driver

Max Heffler @ Landmark Graphics max at lgc.UUCP
Sun Oct 22 08:43:17 AEST 1989

I installed the x5 update on my Compaq 386/25 running 386/ix 2.0.2 this
week and it has made a mess of my uucp environment.  First, the documentation
sent was the front sides of what had to be double-sided instructions.  Next,
I can get neither tty01 or acu1 to talk to my modem, at any baud rate
(telebit trailblazer plus).  Pcomm under unix cannot talk to it and zap
under vpix cannot talk to it.  I am currently having to reboot into DOS and
am using zap in that environment.  Help...
Thanx in advance...
Max Heffler                     uucp: ..!uunet!lgc!max
Landmark Graphics Corp.         phone: (713) 579-4751
333 Cypress Run, Suite 100
Houston, Texas  77094

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