X5 Update - Serial Bugs

Steven H. Izen izen at amelia.nas.nasa.gov
Thu Oct 12 05:35:20 AEST 1989

In article <290 at mic.UUCP> merlin at mic.UUCP (Merlin Wilkerson) writes:

>    I followed the docs and had my hopes up.  I put a getty on the
>line and recieved a call.  I dialed out with cu with no problem.  
>"Allright", I exclaimed.  However, when I disconnected, the RD and SD 
>lights were blinking rapidly and the getty process had become 
>immortal.  Subsequent calls to cu gave "CAN'T ACCESS DEVICE" errors.

It sounds to me like your modem isn't set properly.  I may be wrong,
(I often am), but if your modem is either 1) not in quiet mode
(ATQ[01] toggles that)  or 2) not resetting properly on disconnect, 
you would get those symptoms.  You want to
set the default state to quiet, and then have the first command
to the modem in the Devices string be the appropriate ATQ to turn
quiet off.  You also need to make sure that the modem resets to 
quiet state on loss of carrier detect.  the command to do that is
AT&D[0123] (I don't have my manual in front of me so I don't remember
which of [0123] actually does it.)  OF course, the above assumes that
your modem is Hayes compatible.  If it isn't, maybe someone else can help.

Other possibilities which would explain that behavior include having
uucp or getty use the wrong device names- getty wants ttyd0, and 
cu and uucico wants acu0 (or whatever number).  But since you 
have RTFM those should be set up o.k.

I recently added the X5 config update, and I followed the directions carefully
and have had no trouble getting a 2400 baud bidirectional port working, so
at least there is one point on the board for ISC here :-). Actually, I'll give
them only 1/2 point because I had to call them three times before they'd
FAX me the docs which weren't included with my disk.
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