boot failure with 386/ix (reason: VGA card)

fritz zaucker fritzz at
Wed Oct 18 07:18:53 AEST 1989

Thanks again to everybody who tried to help me with my
boot problem (no boot from floppy disk but from the hard-
Finally I got the information from ISC tech support. After
several other things they suggested to move the 16bit-VGA
card (ORCHID Prodesigner Plus) to an 8bit-slot. After doing
that everything was ok and I was able to boot from the floppy.

After that I looked in the VGA manual and found a section about
boot problems with 16bit BIOS setting. They suggest to set a 
jumper to 8bit mode and use a program (VGA Speed) to use a
shadow RAM to get the 16bit speed (probably only under DOS?).
I tried that and again the system didn't boot (the disk controller
is a Western Digital WD1006V-MM2).
I would actually like to use the 16bit mode because of speed.
Another strange behaviour is that everything works under DOS,
booting with the VGA card in the 16bit slot and in 16bit BIOS mode
was no problem.

Any comments?


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