386 Micronics or Other

Toby A David hadji at dasys1.UUCP
Sat Oct 7 09:58:52 AEST 1989

Hello World

I would very much appreciate opinions/reports on 20 or 25 mhz 386 
motherboards. Micronics in particular.
The box I'm putting together will be mostly used for SCO Xenix286 and
eventually Unix 386. I intend to add 4 meg of ram.

The following questions come up..

1. Advantages to the 25mhz with cache memory board?
2. 100ns ram, or do you prefer the 80ns ?
3. Any problems with the memory interleave?
4. Optimum bus speed & wait states for the above operating systems?
5. Any problems with any particular MFM or ESDI controllers/drives ?
to the 25mhz (cache memory)

Any Email/Post opinions would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
Toby A David
Big Electric Cat Public UNIX

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